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What a wonderful time we had at the Dove fellowship this evening, Saturday, March 4, 2017! Bethany Early kindly agreed to put everything together for the Dove Fellowship. We had a number of ladies there, which was a real blessing. Bethany planned for both baked white and sweet potatoes, salads and desserts; the food was all delicious. Michelle Donahue gave a heartfelt devotion about the song "Jesus Loves Me". She mentioned that it is generally thought of as a children's song, but she shared a number of great Bible verses and illustrations of how this song applies to us. Michelle gave a clear presentation of the way of salvation through faith in Christ, and also of God's love and care for His children throughout our lives.

Following the devotion, Bethany planned a wonderful craft where people could make hyacinths out of paper. They turned out very pretty.

Make plans to attend our next Dove Fellowship on June 24. Thank you to all who came this evening.

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